Integrative Nurse Educator Certificate Program

"Nurses will be pioneers to move medicine beyond a technological feat to a healing enterprise. They have an extraordinary personal sense of what is needed to empower themselves and their patients for self healing." - Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

During the past few decades the nursing profession has undergone major changes and challenges with a growing dependency on technology and pharmaceuticals and a moving away from its roots as a healing art, but today many nurses are searching to reconnect to the art and science of holistic nursing by seeking new knowledge and skills that facilitate the healing process. Many are also seeking new directions for establishing independent practices that promote wellness and self-care. Integrative Health and Wellness Nurse Coaches will lead in a new healthcare paradigm.

This dynamic eight-month educational certificate program offers nurses a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in innovative integrative nursing practices that facilitate the mechanisms of healing through a self-care model. It provides clinical skills and tools for nurses to become more effective in their work as educators, clinicians, coaches and guides in diverse healthcare settings, including: home care, hospice, hospitals, community health, education and private practice. The program provides a strong theoretical and experiential component, deepening inner wisdom and knowledge and providing participants with a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in their professional work and personal lives. We will ex amine historical perspectives in health and healing and review current evidence based research in all fields of course study.

Over the past 20 years, this program has been offered to hundreds of nurses who have become leaders in holistic nursing and integrative health care. The faculty are all leaders in the field

Weaving the Art & Science of Nursing - Susan Luck, RN, MA

The opening weekend introduces holistic nursing theory, philosophy and practice. Our aim is to deepen the spirit of caring, compassion and intuition. An overview will be provided of current research in the fields of body/mind/spirit integration, psychoneuroimmunology, healing and wholeness, and we will create a self-care program designed to support personal wellness and professional growth.

This weekend will explore the role of nursing in the changing integrative healthcare paradigm.

Integration of Mind/Body Skills into Practice - Barbara D'Alessio, RNC, MPA

This weekend focuses on stress reduction and relaxation tools and techniques, including mindfulness meditation, yoga of the heart, breath-work, biofeedback, creativity and journaling.

Energy Healing: Theory, Research, and Practice - Diane Serra, RN, HNC, MS, LAc and Aurora Ocampo, RN, MA, CS

This session works with therapeutic touch, chakras, Reiki and reflexology. Research and current protocols in an integrative model will be examined.

Guided Imagery: Tools of Empowerment for Patient and Practitioner - Bonnie Schaub, RN, MS

During this session our focus will be on rituals for healing, mind/body counseling, hypnotherapy, and the spiritual dimensions of healing and wholeness. This weekend will deepen our connection to self and others

Nutritional Healing: Optimizing Nutrition throughout the lifecycle

Eco-Nutrition-Impact of Environment on Health - Susan Luck, RN, MA, HNC, CCN

This weekend will examine current evidence-based research and practical applications of nutritional approaches to women's health and healthy aging. Special attention will be given to understanding environmental risks to health

Cross-Cultural Perspectives for Health in Healing - Aurora Ocampo, RN, MA and Diane Serra, RN, HNC, MS, LAc

This session is devoted to developing an understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and the use of Aromatherapy and essential oils and botanicals and herbs and how they are being applied in today's healthcare model.

Envisioning the Future: Directions and Trends in Healthcare

Integrative Nurse Coaching: Navigating the System - Entire faculty

This final weekend session, will bring together the faculty to review presentations of final projects, discuss independent practice guidelines, best-practice integrative nursing models and program evaluation. Nurse Wellness Coaching directions and tools will be reviewed

Program Structure

All seminars run from 10am to 5:30pm. The Integrative Nurse Educator Program will use several educational methods including class work, video, journaling, discussion, self-care practices, fieldwork, mentoring, practicum and experiential process. This includes 100 hours of fieldwork, mentoring and self care program.

Required Text: Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice. B. Dossey. 6th edition, 2012 and At The Heart of Healing: Experiencing Holistic Nursing, a DVD featuring many of the nurse healers and pioneers at the forefront of research and practice in integrative healthcare.

This 150-hour course can be accredited toward the National Holistic Nursing Certification Program.

At the completion of this program, participants will receive a Certificate as an Integrative Nurse Educator.

This program has been accredited for CEUs by the Critical Care Nurses Association (ACCN).

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Susan Luck, RN, MA, HNC, CCN

Bonnie Schaub, RN, MS

Diane Serra, RN, HNC, MS, LAc

Aurora Ocampo, RN, MA, CS

Barbara D'Alessio, RNC, MPA

Guest presenters

Our team of Nurse Educators are all pioneers in the field of holistic nursing and in creating Integrative models of care in diverse healthcare settings. With decades of combined experience, they bring their passion, knowledge and skills to prepare nurses for moving into the new paradigm that embraces the heart of healing and the art of nursing.

Faculty Bios

Susan Luck, RN, BA, MA, HNC, CCN

Pioneer, national speaker, educator and consultant on Integrative healthcare, who has written and published extensively on the role of nursing in a holistic health paradigm. As a medical anthropologist, she has specialized in cross-cultural perspectives on health and healing. As a Clinical Nutritionist, she works in the field of Immunology and is adjunct faculty at the University of Miami and the nutritionist for Special Immunology Services at Mercy Hospital in Miami Florida. She maintains a private practice in Wellness Coaching and Nutrition. Ms. Luck is author of the chapter on Nutrition for Holistic Nursing: Handbook for Practice" and the producer of the award winning video, "At the Heart of Healing: Experiencing Holistic Nursing"

Aurora Ocampo, MA, RN, CS

Clinical Nurse Specialist of Complementary Therapies for the Continuum Center for Health and Healing, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York. Ms. Ocampo is a trained and experienced practitioner of complementary modalities including biofeedback, crainosacral therapy, therapeutic touch, reiki, and hypnotherapy. She is also certified in clinical imagery and aromatherapy. Through her active involvement in holistic nursing practice, she was instrumental in introducing and integrating these healing modalities at Beth Israel Medical Center, NY by offering training programs and providing direct patient care. She strongly believes that these healing techniques strengthen the body's innate capacity to heal and thus enhance its response to treatment. She has done numerous lectures, presentation and workshops in self-care utilizing these mindbody therapies to promote health maintenance and disease prevention. She has been featured in several television programs: CBS's Dan Rather Evening News featuring the Holistic Surgery Program, ABC Evening News report on Healing Touch, CNN News on Humanistic Care and CNBC's " Alive and Wellness" hosted by Carol Martin on biofeedback and imagery for pain management, CBS early morning show: Healthwatch.

Barbara D'Alessio MPA, RN

Currently Clinical Nurse Specialist at Newton Memorial Hospital where she has implemented a Integrative Nursing Model into Cardiovascular care. An ANCC certified psychiatric nurse with over two decades of experience in meditation and yoga, is a graduate of Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ, and completed an internship program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center Stress Reduction and Relaxation Clinic; and the Yoga of the Heart teacher certification program. Ms. D'Alessio established and directed the Center for Complementary Medicine at Saint Clare's Hospital, Dover, NJ. Currently she is the Director of Behavioral Health Nursing at Newton Memorial Hospital, Newton, NJ and Centered Living, Flanders, NJ, an Advisory Board member of the Integrative Nursing Institute, and enrolled in the Doctorate Program at Clayton College of Natural Health. "Stress is considered the foremost contributor to our modern chronic maladies. Recent medical research has demonstrated that stress is a major factor in causing heart disease. This program's focus is on creating a personal practice in mindfulness meditation, Yoga of the Heart asanas and pranayama, deep relaxation and imagery to achieve a sense of calmness, relaxation and peace and respond effectively to stressors both internal and external. Through discussion and experiential segments participants will learn the Mind/Body/Spirit approach to the management of the risks of heart disease and the development and implementation of a Cardiac Risk Management program for community,corporate and hospital sectors.

Diane Serra RN, HNC, MS, L Ac

A nurse for 25 years in a variety of medical settings, she is currently a Holistic Nurse Specialist and Clinical Acupuncturist at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York where she integrates her unique blend of holistic nursing modalities and Traditional Chinese Medicne into patient care. Trained in Guided Imagery, relaxation techniques, Therapeutic Touch, and other energy therapies, Ms. Serra works with patients following invasive procedures to alleviate pain, enhance recovery time, and potentiate the healing process while teaching self care tools to families and patients to incorporate into their care plan. Following a four year Masters program in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture at Pacific College, Ms. Serra practices as a licensed Acupuncturist.

Bonney Schaub M.S.C.S. RN

Ms. Schaub, a Psychiatric Nurse Specialist, has been a Nursing Instructor, Holistic Nurse Consultant, and Psychotherapist for many years. She is Director of the New York Center for Psychosynthesis and teaches healthcare providers Clinical Imagery and Spirituality in healing. She was Co Director of Holistic Nursing Associates, an educational center in New York City. She is co author of Dantes Path: A Practical Approach to Achieving Inner Wisdom". "The clinical use of imagery in nursing practice is a safe and cost-effective therapeutic tool that is empowering to both the practitioner and patient. Its efficacy in health care has been documented at the mind, body and spiritual levels of patients' needs in areas such as pain management, improvement in immune functioning, in pediatrics, in women's health issues, stress management, recovery from addiction, behavioral change and many other areas."