Our programs introduce nurses to principles and practices of holistic nursing and integrative care through teaching, experiential learning and mentoring.

Nurses develop a framework and philosophy as well as practical skills that form the foundation of practice in an integrative model.

Nurses learn and practice a variety of holistic nursing modalities and experience the role of the nurse as coach and facilitator in the healing process.

Core Program Themes

  • Role of Nursing in today's emerging integrative healthcare paradigm
  • The role of Nurses as Wellness Coaches
  • Nursing leadership in an integrative health model and in healthcare reform
  • Self care and holism as integral to nursing practice
  • Cultural perspectives in health and healing
  • Creating optimal healing environments
  • Social, economic, and political dimensions of a wellness model
  • Research and relevancy of emerging models in nursing education

Skills and Modalities

  • Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Breath work, Biofeedback
  • Guided Imagery for Body Mind Healing
  • Nutritional Food as Medicine
  • Energy Healing : Reiki, Healing, Touch, Therapeutic Touch
  • Wellness Coaching Tools

INI Programs (see Programs menu above for description)

  • Holistic Nursing Weekend Retreat
  • Integrative Nursing Weekend Retreat
  • Wellness Coach Certificate Program
  • Hospice Nurse Program
  • Eco-Nutrition: Environmental and Nutritional Influence on Health